I am a multidisciplinary photographer, whose experience ranges from fashion photography to advertising, from documentary to experimental darkroom techniques.

I believe that it’s necessary to deeply understand a subject before being able to photograph it. Before even opening the lens cap of my camera, you’ll find me sharing old pictures of my grandparents with those I want to take pictures of, drinking tea with them or asking about their childhood.


2016 - 2019. Studied at the École des Arts d’Ixelles, Belgium, where I developed my skills in film photography and alternative chemical procedures (especially blueprints)

2015. Published DaLiangShain Yizu at National Geographic China. The Yizu from DaLiangShan mountain are one of the most remote and unique cultures in China. 

2014 Participation in a collective international exhibition at The Bund, Shanghai, China. Eighty of my Afghan Box negatives were scanned, enlarged and exhibited on a large-scale installation.

2014. Published two editorials in 旅游摄影 magazine, a popular travel photography magazine in China. One on my work with the Afghan Box camera, and another one on the Tibetan people of SiChuan and QingHai provinces.

2007 - 2010. Main assistant at fashion and advertising studios in Madrid. My main mentor in this period was Alejandro Iglesia, but I also worked for David Matellanes and other photographers.

2009. Personal exhibition supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in La Habana, Cuba. The exhibition, Cuba a través de la poesía de Alberto Caeiro, combined images taken in Cuba with poems of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

2002 – 2004. Studied photography with Nadieshda Inda in La Habana, Cuba

Committed to Fair Trade

2019 – today. Project Coordinator at the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Brussels

European Parliament

2015 - 2019 Advisor to Member of the European Parliament Lola Sánchez 


I can speak Spanish, English, French and Chinese

Spanish Consulate

2011 - 2012 Trade Officer at the Occice of Commerce of the Spanish Consulate in Canton, China


2011 Master in International Trade


Passionate Shakuhachi (Japanese traditional flute) player